I’m always working on something new. The events listed below are the ones that are currently scheduled. If you are interested in partnering for an event, please send me a note through the Contact Me page.

NEW Writer’s Workshop

Interactive Course through MSAD 11 Adult Education

Thursdays 4/2/20 through 5/14/20 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm

This workshop offers participants an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing, overcome the inner critic, and let heart and soul flow on the page. Whether you want to improve your business writing skills, write a short story, focus on a journaling project, create poetry or start a memoir, we’ll work together to bring out the best in everyone. No matter the genre, our supportive group of beginners and published authors will provide support and critique as we move through the six week class. We’ll look at successful writers and find out how to use their techniques to improve our own work. This is a fun, relaxed, and informative class to explore your own interests.

NEW: Writing for Fun and Money

Interactive Course through MSAD 11 Adult Education

May 12, 2020 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Do you want to get your book, short stories or articles published? In this one-evening workshop learn all you need to know about publishing your writing. Learn how to approach publishers and editors, prepare manuscripts, do research and write a book proposal or query letter. Handouts include helpful websites, a Maine publications list, query letter sample and manuscript submission basics. Walk out of this class ready to send your work to publishers!

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